#SEJThinkTank Recap: Content Marketing Excellence in 2016

On Tuesday, November 17th, the SEJ ThinkTank was joined and sponsored by Prashant Puri, CEO and Co-Founder of AdLift Inc., to talk about building a profitable content marketing program for 2016. This sponsored webinar was moderated by our own Kelsey Jones and included a short Q&A session at the end.

Here are a few highlights from Prashant’s very informative presentation that focuses on the key elements to profitable content:

  • Create share-worthy content
  • Identify link worthy sites
    • Understand your keyword segment & audience
    • Identify topically relevant, keyword targeted sites
    • Create an exhaustive list segmented by category & keywords
  • Mitigate risk
    • Analyze SEO visibility
    • Understand your anchor text and page linking
    • Avoid being hit by negative SEO
  • Calculate ROI
    • Measure your landing page traffic
    • Calculate your costs to create content
    • Calculate revenue generated

Did you miss the live event? We’ve got all the resources you need to get caught up listed below, including a recording and slides.

Watch the Recording of the Webinar

View Prashant’s Slides

Tools Mentioned

Prashant mentioned a lot of great tools during our webinar. Here are the links!

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