Google AdWords Now Refreshes Auction Insights and Impression Share Data Multiple Times a Day

Google AdWords has gone from refreshing auction insights and impression share data once a day, to refreshing multiple times per day.

As the company says, this will give advertisers the ability to act faster on newly discovered opportunities.

Not to be confused with impressions, impression share is the amount of impressions your ads receive compared to the amount of impressions they could get.

Now, instead of waiting until the next day to get this data, you’ll be able to check on it more frequently to see how impression share changes throughout the day.

This will help with gaining a better understanding of whether your ads might reach more people if you make adjustments, such as increasing your bid or budget.

Refreshing auction insights more frequently can assist advertisers in fiercely competitive markets. These statistics compare your performance against other advertisers participating in the same auction.

Access to regularly updated auction insights can help ensure you’re staying ahead of the competition throughout the day.

These updates are now available to all AdWords advertisers.